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  • Meeting other musicians and playing music together is always a lot of fun to me, regardless of whether plugged oder unplugged. If you are interested, please contact me.
  • At the moment I am particularly interested in forming an acoustic band with harmony vocals.


I had my first active contact with music at the age of five, when I started playing my father's Hammond organ. At the age of eleven, I discovered my great passion for guitar, which then became my main instrument. Besides electric and acoustic guitar I predominantly play keyboard and piano, furthermore I sing.

Before beginning the physics studies I fulfilled my childhood dream and spent two years intensively studying music. The yearlong Professional Program (major: guitar, minor: piano) at the Future Music School in Aschaffenburg was completed in 2004 with the final grade "Sehr Gut" (commonly equivalent to A). In December of the same year, I flew to Los Angeles, California, in order to attend the Musicians Institute in Hollywood for four months. Being allowed to perform at the graduation concert despite my enrollment in a non-degree program (free choice of courses) was a great honor.

I gave my first performances when I was a little boy, mostly together with my brother and my father. At the age of 18, I joined a large rock und party band for the first time, whereupon many performances at public and private events have followed. Many joyful moments also resulted from teaching (experience with various levels and age groups) and from playing in a father-son duo at smaller occasions.

As I often traveled in recent years, I currently do not play in a band. Nevertheless, I always enjoy jamming with fellow musicians, still play and practice a lot, give little performances from time to time, and continue to attend master classes and workshops such as the International Summer Guitar Camp 2012 in Aschaffenburg.

I like many styles of music, among my favorites are rock, pop, and funk. The outstanding musicians I was fortunate enough to be taught by (see below) have influenced me in many respects and form one of my numerous sources of inspiration.

Former Bands

SoundCheck, The Nobodys, Double X, Frankenduo, SoFa


Joy Basu, Ross Bolton, Bruce Buckingham, Roger Burn, Rolf Bussalb, Mattias Eklundh, Jamie Findlay, Daniel Gilbert, Christophe Godin, Frank Hamacher, Scott Henderson, Johnny Hiland, Dave Hill, Allen Hinds, Ernesto Homeyer, Greg Howe, Sid Jacobs, Thomas Langer, Kiko Loureiro, Beth Marlis, Dave Martone, Rafael Moreira, David Oakes, Jeff Richman, Patrick Rondat, Ken Rosser, Uli Jon Roth, Thomas Rothenberger, Andreas Schulz, Ken Steiger, Dale Turner, Glen Turner, Barbara Ullrich-Witt, Carl Verheyen, Keith Wyatt, …